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Oaxaca for Day of the Dead

Wow–I am in Oaxaca once again doing some last minute work with our Puebla guides and Oaxaca guides before our Day of the Dead trip this week. This place never disappoints!

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This mole omelet with coffee was perfect his morning–at Mayordomo Chocolate in Oaxaca.

I dropped into Mayordomo Chocolate across the street this morning and was greeted by great coffee and a mole omelet that was perfect.

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Mayordomo Chocolate in Oaxaca on Morellos street is a perfect Day of the Dead stop–the location is on Morellos Street–great food!

These folks on our Day of the Dead small group tour this week  will have lots of options for activities. But the greatest treasure here besides the people will be the food. Yes the plaza and surrounding streets are crowded with camping protesters. Yes there will be other Oaxaca tours here. But there experience will be rich and memorable I am sure.

I am now laying plans for 2-3 trips for Day of the Dead next year–perhaps here in Oaxaca, but also including Mexico City and Puebla as well.

Day of the Dead trip to Puebla nd Oaxaca

Karin is one of our skilled guides in Oaxaca this year for our Day of the Dead tour. Our Oaxaca trip includes Puebla and an option to extend on Oaxaca or Mexico City.

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