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    We get you there.

    Mexico is our specialty and we do selected excursions to the coolest of destinations...like on the Copper Canyon train. Our trips are flex style, small group immersions into local culture in less traveled areas. Be ready to be amazed.

    Our trips to Mexico go often--click for info.
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    We engage history and culture.

    Whether it is the majestic Monte Alban in Oaxaca or any number of wonders that seem to be around every corner, we get you there. Our team are experts in history, the people, the culture of Mexico. Be ready to learn.

    Info on Oaxaca trips.
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    We get you to local wonders.

    The back streets of San Cristobal in Chiapas. The market in El Fuerte at the foot of Copper Canyon. A local cafe in Tlatlauquitepec, Puebla. A little quiet beach in Oaxaca. We get you there. Be ready to smile deeply.

    Our Chiapas Trips.
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    We know wildlife.

    Sea turtles laying eggs at midnight on this remote La Ventanilla beach in Oaxaca. Or birdwatching or butterflies or jungles or sea life. We get you there with experts who can help you appreciate it. Be ready for a sea horse to swim right by you.

    Monarch Butterfly Reserve Trips
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    We do culinary trips for foodies.

    A cup of Oaxaca chocolate. The unique tlayoyos of Puebla. Perhaps the blue corn tortillas of Chihuahua- we started the first culinary trip there. Whatever your taste, we get you to the authentic Mexican kitchens. Be ready to savor real Mexico.

    Culinary Trips We Offer
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    We do adventure.

    You can run with the barefoot Raramuri of Copper Canyon. You can hike the jungles of Puebla, You can bike the streets of Mexico City. You can snorkel or scuba the Sea of Cortez. We get you there. Be ready to explore with the locals.

    More info on Adventure Trips

This company was founded and is lead by a traveler.

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DAVE HENSLEIGH LOVES TO TRAVEL and has been at it all his life. Dave hails from the rolling hills of rural Kansas and was educated in the Midwest and Texas, earning an undergrad in Math and a Masters in Biology. All through his youth, the trails, mountains, grasslands and wild places of the Midwest and West were his haunt. One summer in college was spent roaming the trails of Yosemite, and since, backpacking the Sierras has been a hobby. Dave is is a runner and he has a special connection to the barefoot running Raramuri Indians in the canyons. Dave started AuthenticMexicoTravel with the vision to give curious travelers a vivid and life-changing experience in the less-travelled spots of Mexico. He has spent many days in the hinterlands of Mexico and continues to travel there often. Sometimes he is with groups. Always he is keeping in touch with our local guides. His passion is to ever increase the quality and authenticity of our trips. He loves just walking the streets and interacting with the locals...and you will as well on one of our AuthenticMexicoTravel excursions. For an inside look at Dave see http://www.longslowjoy.com/

Here is a comment from some recent guests in Copper Canyon.

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"I JUST WANTED TO THANK YOU for an amazing experience. The itinerary you put together worked perfectly and the quality of everything was exactly right for each place we visited. IT IS RARE that things in this day and age live up to the hype but I have to say that time after time we were left speechless as the experience of the reality exceeded the hype …. the train journey to El Fuerte and back --Wow ! IT WAS FANTASTIC the way our guide always told us when to be at the open window and which side to get the best views…. and what views!!! AT NO TIME in our 2 weeks did we ever feel at all at risk and it is obvious that as long as you are sensible, Mexico offers no more risk to travellers than most other countries in the world. ALL OF YOUR GUIDES were so knowledgeable and helpful-- we cannot praise them enough. Scenery….. Ancient ruins …… the people ….. the food ….. Magic Towns …. WOW, WOW, WOW!" Charles and Angela Coker (Comments like this are typical from our travellers and we recieve them all the time.)

Your guide makes all the difference and ours are the best.

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WE ARE VERY SELECTIVE with our hosts for your Authentic Mexico trips. They are always local, they know their stuff, and we train them to listen to you and then adjust to your interests. There are three critical qualities that I look for in guides: 1. CHARACTER- Are they honest, real, and a giver? No one wants to travel with a jerk. I look for the good ones. 2. COMPETENCE- Do they really know everything about the destination? The people who you will travel with are smart, aware, and they know people in the local areas. Most importantly they always have a plan B and they go into action when interruptions come along. 3. CHEMISTRY- Do I like them and will my guests enjoy travelling with them? I demand that my team be interesting, easy going and fun to be with. I travel with them often and if I am bored, they are gone. SO RELAX AND ENJOY YOUR TRIP--our team is fluent in both English and Spanish, they will solve any problems that come up, and they will enjoy the trip as much as you.

What makes these AuthenticMexicoTravel trips so unique?

We offer the best in enriching, cultural, fascinating journeys for small groups of curious travelers.

Our trips take you to the unknown places, the little villages, and memorable spots. We use the best of hotels and off-the-path eateries. You travel with like-minded people who value discovery. Our team values the authentic, thrives on excellence, and is always collaborating with locals to make the trip great.

Our focus is on experience, not covering ground or checking things off a bucket list. Travel+Leisure mag calls trips like ours "sightskipping"- great concept! People often travel with us multiple times because they value the focus on actually tasting, hearing, and feeling the vibe of a place. So we don't do tours- we do personal experience.

There is always a plan for our trips and it is communicated clearly. But we are committed to being sure that the trip flexes as needed to engage the interests of the group. Local opportunities often pop up and we embrace them. Interruptions happen and we always have a plan B to keep things moving.

Click the "Contact Us" tab on every page. Or call Dave at 217.369.9897 or email davehensleigh@gmail.com to get info and to start the registration process. Our trips are listed under the tabs at the top of this page. You can deposit/pay following the tab at the bottom of the page. We welcome your questions about Mexico and we absolutely welcome you on our next trip!

Our blog features insights and stories from all over Mexico.

Here are some recent entries and feel free to search the blog for info you need.