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People have been asking us for some time to do our “flex tour” thing we do so well in other areas of Mexico in Michoacán to the monarch butterfly reserves. So now we offer  trips to the see the Monarchs in Mexico. Monarch trips can include a few days in Mexico City and or Cuernavaca, Puebla, Teotihuacan , or other spots in the area.

Best season is late November through mid March and we can arrange everything including tours of Mexico City. This trip can also be a very good companion to a day or two in Puebla City…and even Oaxaca.

Our monarch butterfly trips usually include at least two of the four accessible viewing areas. There is also the opportunity to take in 2-3 of Mexico’s magic towns–including the enchanting Valle de Bravo.

Our guides are bilingual, deeply knowledgeable on the Monarch life cycle and migratory habits, and they are local insiders. We stay in local lodges and hotels. Often our lodge near the Monarch Reserves is the lovely Rancho Cayetano.

It is also possible to include a special cooking class with the renowned chef and author Diana Kennedy.

Call Dave at 217.369.9897 with questions or email davehensleigh@gmail.com .



The vast numbers of Monarch butterflies were down in 2013-14--porbably du to herbicide damage to the US habitat.

The vast numbers of Monarch butterflies were down in 2013-14–porbably due to herbicide damage to the US habitat.


Our trips to the Monarch butterfly reserves can get you close to these amazing flocks.