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Minnesota Travel Agent

Viva la Vida travel

Carmen of Viva la Vida–doing that Viva la Vida thing on a zipline.

Viva la Vida is this creative travel agency run by an energetic Mexico lover named Carmen Schaffer. I met her at the huge travel show called Tianguis Touristico in Cancun in May, 2014. Right off she hit me as someone who knew and loved Mexico, had a focus on excellent service, and would be fun to work with….and never forget that simple fun is one of the most important aspects of travel. Who wants to have your trip organized by a dead head- much less travel with one!

So anyway Carmen has all kinds of options for you- from Latin America to Africa –anywhere your heart looking for.

One cool thing about Carmen is that she gets it with this Mexico safety thing we talk about so much on this site. As a matter of fact she addresed the Mexico safety issue in a blog right after the Tiaguis show…click back there and read it–you will love her brusk, honest style.

Minnesota travel agent

Call Carmen at Viva la Vida for travel to anywhere–612.532.5387