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Changes on the Copper Canyon Train

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The Copper Canyon train will alter the schedule this fall–and our trips to Copper Canyon will change as well.

For years and years–like since the 60s–CHEPE (the famous Copper Canyon train) has run its course up and down those steel rails from Chihuahua City and Los Mochis both ways every day of the year. Now that is changing.

As of September 1, 2015, we are told the schedule will change. This fall the train will leave Los Mochis every morning at 6am and travel through Copper Canyon into Chihuahua as far as Creel. Then at 5pm the train will reverse and return to Los Mochis arriving at some like 2-3am.

This is a huge change for our trips. We have always held that the best way to travel the canyons was from east to west. Now that is not possible.

So our trips will change and now start in Los Mochis–actually usually in Cabo (SJD airport). Our Copper Canyon tour will then head to La Paz, cross the Sea of Cortez by air or ferry and overnight in El Fuerte. The on the train at 8:15 am up into the canyons to Cerocauhui. Then by train to Areponapuchi (Divisadero for two nights, on to Creel and San Juanito, and then to Chihuahua City to return by land or air.

We will include these options:

  • added days in Cabo or La Paz
  • extra overnight in El Fuerte in season
  • extra nights in Arepo
  • side trips to Basasiachi Falls and Batopilas
  • leaving the country up through Casas Gramndes, Paquime, and Mata Ortiz

We will post revised itineraries soon–call now for answers and info.

Dave at 217.369.9897 / davehensleigh@gmail.com

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  1. Martina Goodship says:

    Just came to the page which indicates you are now leaving from San Jose or La Paz. My husband and I ( and possibly two more) are interested in tagging a trip to copper canyon onto our usual stay in Los Barrilles, BCS. We are available late January or early February for a week or so, returning to Baja after the trip. Would you have a tour around that time that might fit our time frame?

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