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Our Mexico Trips–the Best!

We get you there…amazing!

Mexico is our specialty and we do selected excursions to the coolest of destinations…like Baja Guadalupe Valley wine trips and the Copper Canyon train. Our trips are flex style, small group immersions into local culture in less traveled areas. Be ready to be amazed.

We engage history and culture….enriching!

Whether it is the majestic Monte Alban in Oaxaca, or the monarchs, or any number of wonders that seem to be around every corner, we get you there. Think Day of the Dead. Our team are experts in history, the people, the culture of Mexico. Be ready to learn

We get you to local wonders.

The back streets of San Cristobal in Chiapas. A little market in Copper Canyon. A local cafe in Tlatlauquitepec, Puebla. A little quiet beach in Oaxaca. A sip of wine at sunset on the Sea of Cortez. Get there. Be ready to smile deeply…wonderful!

We know wildlife.

Turtles laying eggs at midnight on this remote La Ventanilla beach in Oaxaca. Or birdwatching or butterflies or jungles or sea life. We get you there with expert guides. Snorkel a remote reef in Baja, Be ready for a sea horse to swim right by you…wild!

We do culinary trips for foodies.

A cup of Oaxaca chocolate. The unique tlayoyos of Puebla. The blue corn tortillas of Chihuahua- we started the first culinary trip there. Wandering wine country in Guadalupe Valley Baja. Whatever your taste, be ready to savor authentic Mexico kitchens…delicious!

We do adventure.

Run with the barefoot Raramuri of Copper Canyon. Hike the jungles of Puebla, Bike and run the streets of Mexico City. Snorkel or scuba the Sea of Cortez. Or run a marathon in Oaxaca. Or run an organized race in Mexico City or Merida. We get you there. Be ready to explore with the locals…run!

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We travel to many of the special places in Mexico—including Merida.