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Dave Hensleigh

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Dave on board with Panterra on the sea of Cortez–perfect palce to couple with a Copper Canyon train trip!

DAVE HENSLEIGH LOVES TO TRAVEL and has been at it all his life. Dave hails from the rolling hills of rural Kansas and was educated in the Midwest and Texas, earning an undergrad in Math and a Masters in Biology. All through his youth, the trails, mountains, grasslands and wild places of the Midwest and West were his haunt. One summer in college was spent roaming the trails of Yosemite, and since, backpacking the Sierras has been a hobby. Dave is is a runner and he has a special connection to the barefoot running Raramuri Indians in the canyons.
Dave started AuthenticMexicoTravel with the vision to give curious travelers a vivid and life-changing experience in the less-travelled spots of Mexico. He has spent many days in the hinterlands of Mexico and continues to travel there often. Sometimes he is with groups. Always he is keeping in touch with our local guides. His passion is to ever increase the quality and authenticity of our trips. He loves just walking the streets and interacting with the locals…and you will as well on one of our AuthenticMexicoTravel excursions. For an inside look at Dave see http://www.longslowjoy.com/

Adobe Food trauck in Wine country Baja california

Dave at Adobe food tuck–one of the best of eateries in Guadalupe Valley wine country.