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Whale Shark Trips in Baja

We are partnering with the excellent team at Panterra to feature wildlife trips on the Sea of Cortez. These can be in conjunction with our Copper Canyon train trips or just be a trip on their own.

One is coming up in February, 2017 and will feature 5 days on the Copper Canyon train and then 3-6 days in Baja seeing the gray whale birthing areas and other spots around La Paz–the place Jacque Cousteau called the “Aquarium of the World”.

The second in is May 17-26, 2017¬†and will give you the chance again to travel the incredible train through Copper Canyon. Then you will be a part of Whale Shark research on the Sea of Cortez–huge experience!

Contact us ASAP to get in on these special journeys.




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