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We don’t do tours.

Often you hear these pitches in the travel industry:

  • Special travel packets
  • 4 days for only $599
  • See all the sites in just 3 days
  • Our buses leave Tucson every week
  • Resort this and resort that

You will not see that kind of promotion on this site. Neither will you see banner ads for other travel entities and products. (The only other product besides our experiences that we sell on this site is travel insurance–the best you can get from Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection – and we do this as a service to our travelers.)

The simple reason for this is that my passion is genuine travel and that is all we do. Its not about the money, and no one is going to buy us off.

Its not about what every other travel provider offers. Its not about putting together canned tours. We want to provide unique, enriching, personal experiences for every one of our travelers.

Here is what we do:

  • Travel to places in Mexico, walk the streets, and plan out flex itineraries that fit with what people want to experience
  • Work with you to plan a trip just for you that fits your schedule, interests, and budget
  • Maintain an expert group of local guides who get it with what non-Mexican travelers want to do in Mexico
  • Take great joy from the travel stories you tell us when you return home
Monarch trips from San Miguel

The food at the vendors around the monarch reserves is superb–including blue corn tortillas and soup. As the owner of Authentic Mexico Travel, I walk the streets and eat the local foods of every on of our destinations–I know the place before I sell it.

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