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Top Restaurants in San Cristobal de las Casas, #1

There are many fine eateries in San Cristobal from the hippie/bohemian vegan to the traditional Mexican to the tablecloth with waiters type.

Let me start with one that is unexpected- and Italian place. It surprised me my first visit–like GOOD surprise, as in the food was incredibly tasty and not very expensive…and very good with wine.

The place is tucked back aboove the main drag in San Cristobal at an odd intersection on Dr Navarro street north of Guadlaupe a few blocks. Note they are closed on Tuesday (Martes).

San Cristobal restaurant

With Mama at La Trattoria Italiana on Dr Navarro Street in San Cristobal.

The specialty is ravioli–and whatever your preconception about these little guys- forget it. Mama makes them by hand–only about 4-5 kinds per day and they are perfect.

We were there two weeks ago and after joking with Mama about tatoos, etc, she got us going with a variety of ravioli- salmon, cheese, veggie. They were amazing. Along with great bread smeared with a capers patte, crispy salad and some good red wine it was a feast to remember.

One of my guests (with whom I had dined at Pujol in Mexico City a few days earlier- #17 in the world) commented that he thought it was the best Italian food he had ever eaten. I agree.

San Cristobal restaurant

The meals at this Italian place in Chiapas start with capers in olive oil on bread–can’t eat just one.

Restaurant in San Cristobal

You get this salad that is spinach, good cheese, some fruits –a rare find in Mexico.

Trattoria in San Cristobal.

These ravioli–I had salmon- are absolutely the best.




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