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The Lacuna–Must Read for Mexico City

Barbara Kingsolver

This Barbara Kingsolver novel takes you into early 2oth century Mexico City–and many other places as well!

The Lacuna is yet another literary miracle from Barbara Kingsolver. I first got hooked back with Poisonwood Bible as did millions of others.

For those who travel to Mexico City (our themed trips are coming soon), this one is a must. Especially if you are enthralled with the 20th century history–including Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Trotsky as well as a host of political figures of Mexico and the USA–you will be enthralled.

This 507 page (wish there were more) mural has been rightfully called mature, absorbing, sweeping, sensory, imaginative–and all of these kudos are deserved.

Come with us sometime–Mexico City tours are coming in summer of 2015–and see the places. the art, taste the food, and walk the streets so profoundly written of in The Lacuna.

Mexico City Hotel

The hotel we use in Mexico City is the lovely and very historic Hampton Inn near the main zocalo…a great area to see the scenes and art from The lacuna.



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