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The Best Mexican Boxing Gloves

I am off to Mexico City this week–traveling with a Puebla Tour group we have there in the next 12 days.

I expect to be with the group touring Mexico City and Puebla the first three days and then I have some things to accomplish. I need to work on our new Mexico City trips. This will take some exploring of museums, restaurants, and neighborhoods.

Then there is the visit to my Mexico dentist–young man named Israel. He will give me a clean and replace an ancient cavity or tow for about 1/4 the price I would pay here– and he is excellent.

I will meet my wife part way through and we expect to take a jaunt out to the Monarch butterfly areas. We are prepping to really launch our trips there in a few weeks.

But one of the tasks I have that I look forward to is chasing down a pair of Cleto Reyes boxing gloves for our son Wilson. Willy is pushing forward training in a  muay thai gym in Phoenix and he wants the best for his first official fight.

Turns out these gloves are the best and are still made there on the north side of the city.

The Cleto Reyes story is a cool one–littered with the likes of Mohammad Ali, Oscar De La Hoya, Pacquiao, etc.  I look forward to seeing this company–a true rags to riches story in which they have held onto their quality and craftsmanship.

Cleto Reyes gloves

Son Wilson is soon to fight and he wants to wear Cleto Reyes gloves.

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