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Sightskipping #5: Get Up Early

The wet cobblestone streets of Cuetzalan give it a European feel...especially at 6am

The wet cobblestone streets of Cuetzalan give it a European feel…especially at 6am

Travel + Leisure Concept

This sightskipping deal comes from Travel and Leisure mag and they subtitle it “The Anti-Tourist Travel Rules”. I have found that I instinctively travel this way and it makes all the difference. It is alot of the substance of what Rick Steves preaches about travel. It is also the way we sculpt our Authentic Mexico small group trips.

Sometimes the Mexican guides don’t get it–but I insist that if they work for me they need to wrap their heads around this “un-tour” approach. I am so glad I am writing this today because I am headed to the large Tianguis Touristico in Cancun May 6-9. At such events I have this active tough filter on to try to find and interact with guides and providers that embrace this type of travel. They are rare. None of this “we make tour for you” stuff for me.

Get Up Early

One of the things I do and encourage with our groups is to get up early and walk the streets. Usually this yields some kind of experience or connection that makes a memory. And you can perhaps enjoy some coffe or tea with the locals.

This is the way I discovered the delicious tlayoyos in Cuetzalan. It is also how I encountered the newspaper dudes gathering on the corner of the plaza in Puebla City…a great source for jokes, gossip, a paper and some coffee or chapurada as the sun comes up in Puebla. It is also how I have gotten fed fresh tortillas on numerous occaisions…like in Cercocahui in Copper Canyon.

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