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Running and walking in San Cristobal

San cristobal de las casas

I am just back from the Triunfo Reserve in Chiapas and am finding jogging places in San Cristobal.

I am here in Chiapas for ATMEX for a few days and just returned from the vast and enchanting Triunfo Biosphere Reserve. Wow….it was breathtaking. I am getting ready for this 50 mile race (Running for Chickens to raise money for needy families in Chihuahua) so the stiff trails there up and down the rain forest were perfect for me.

San Cristobal

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas is home to ATMEX this year.

I took a short run here–there are lots of steps around–when I arrived but this morning I foundĀ  a great to run or jog here in SCDLC. It is the athletic fields on the south side of town near the centrico. There is a track, a running loop that is about 1KM, and nearby there is a hill leading up to Templo San Cristobal. This hill is about 1KM up a good incline and then there is a good loop at the top. Down the front of the church grounds there are about 250 steps leading back toward the central area.

This was perfect for me as I am prepping to run the 50 miler at Run Rabbit Run. So I need hills, steps and lots of miles.

I ran the loop, hit the track for awhile for some quickness work and then up that hill.

Tomorrow I will take my camera over there and post some photos.


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