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Registration FAQs

Who is Anywhere Anytime Journeys? AAJ is a full service travel agency that handles all of our trip registration and payment. They can also arrange flights, trip insurance and other trips for you.

How do I contact AAJ? email is eric@anywhereanytimejourneys.com or brad@anywhereanytimejourneys.com . Phone is 217.892.2526.

Do I have to fill out the entire form? Yes…you will receive our registration form from AAJ. Please fill it all out and return to AAJ.

Best travel insurance? Contact AAJ for help with the best in travel insurance.

How do I pay for my trip? You can pay by credit card to AAJ–just call them at 217.892.2526. You can also may by paypal or check–call Dave if you need help on this at 217.369.9897

Who do I call or email with a question? For registration, trip insurance, or flights, contact AAJ. For trip info. itinerary, etc contact Dave at davehensleigh@gmail.com or 217.369.9897

When do trips go to Mexico? We go often–and we will take 2 or more people.

Should I just send in my registration and deposit? Contact Dave first for info and dates, etc.

What exactly is a peso pack? You include $100 USD (or multiples) and you guide will have your pesos ready for you when you arrive.