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Puebla Trip Info For 2017

Authentic Puebla

Puebla trips to Cholula

The immense cathedral in Puebla City is near where we stay in Puebla City.

Puebla shines as one of the most authentic of Mexico destinations. Our trips there feature the urban hub Puebla City as well as the remote villages of the northern jungles. Come along with us to experience the unique foods, the intricate arts, the indigenous customs and the verdant landscape of Puebla.

Some of the options for you Puebla trip include:

  • Foods of all kinds and local cooking classes
  • Rich history like the oldest library and theatre in the western hemisphere
  • Talavera enameled ceramic works and markets
  • Ruins at Cholula, Yohualichan, Cantona, and Teotihuacan
  • Coffee farms and roasters
  • Local foods and customs including valodores (pole flyers)
  • Extra days in Mexico City
  • Possible to end the trip in Oaxaca and return from there

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Authentic Puebla Brief Sample Itinerary
Dave Hensleigh, Authentic Mexico Travel, 217.369.9897
Date Overnight City Hotel Included Meals Activities Notes
Day 1 Fly into Mexico City (MEX) Hampton Inn and Suites Centrico Get settled and enjoy the city center and some sites. The giant plaza and Palacio de las Bellas Artes is close…we are in the heart of the city.
Day 2 Puebla City Hotel Casa de la Palma B Morning tour of the central plaza, then travel to Puebla City (2 hrs) and get an afternoon walking intro to the city center. Puebla is cobblestone streets, art markets, historical buildings and all with a hint of Havanna
Day 3 Puebla City Hotel Casa de la Palma B Morning trip to the talavera factory –then early afternoon to the giant ruins at Cholula. There is also time for a cooking class, strolling in markets, sitting on one of Mexico’s best plazas.
Day 4 Tlatlauquitepec Casa de Gorge B,D We travel up through the hills to the jungle area of the northern Sierra. Get an intro to Tlatlau and relax for the evening. Tlatlau is Mexico’s newest magic town and definitely not a tourist place. A true taste of old Mexico.
Day 5 Jonotla La Cosona de Don Porfirio D This morning is the weekly market in Tlatlau. Then we are off to the remote village of Jonotla Jonotla is even quieter than Tlatlau and is a scenic wonder.
Day 6 Cuetzalan Hotel la Casa de Piedra B Visit the church in the rock and other local sites. Then off to the magical Cuetzalan by foot or van. You have the option of walking up and down from the church and then even a hike over to Cuetzalan.
Day 7 Cuetzalan Hotel la Casa de Piedra B All day for you to choose from options in Cuetzalan. Indigenous areas, butterflies and jungle, food…you choose Cuetzalan was one of the first magic towns in Mexico and has a European feel. Great food, ruins close by, Nahuatl communities.
Day 8 Puebla City Casa de la Palma B This morning we take in the valodores (pole flyers). Then we are off for Puebla City. The valodores custom here is connected to the mass at the main church. This is the center of the week in Cuetzalan.
Day 9 B Fly from Mexico City.

Pricing: Cost is $1895 per person, double occ/Single occ is $2095. Includes all transport from MEX to MEX, meals as noted, guide, hotels. Does not include entry fees, other meals, tips, alcohol.


 Note: There is the option to arrive early or to stay late in Mexcio City.



Fine print: We don’t like or even have much fine print. But you need to know that our itineraries are never guaranteed. Sounds crazy but it is actually the secret to the excellent edge our trips have. Here is how it works: Usually they change a bit on the trip and as the group agrees, they turn out better than originally planned. Hotels listed are not certain to be the ones for your trip. Sometimes we change to equivalent hotels for various reasons. Also while our trips are not rigorous, sleep on the ground tours, there is walking and activity involved—so walk for a few miles every day the month before your trip. Most importantly, no whiners… so bring your sense of humor and have fun!