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Places to jog in Mexico City

In Mexico City this morning

I am in Mexico City this morning (it is referred to as just “Mexico” or “DF” by Mexicans) and I am looking for a place top run. I am staying at Hotel Metropol, a modest but clean and well positioned and innexpensive lodging. Just up the street is the Palacio de Bellas Artes and the Alemeda Central. This is a decent place but there is a good amount of pedestrian traffic and it is hard to get a continous run in without feeling like running in circles. Besides it is a busy and loud part of town.


Places to run in Mexico City

So I googled and founf this list that looks good called Top 5 Mexico City Running Routes on Yahoo. They listed several places including one I have used. The most interesting looks like Viveros Garden is a good one and it is right on an easy metro station (metro is so easy in Mexico City–it cost 3 pesos–just 25 cents). Also close by are other things I want to see in ther city today.

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