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Pickpockets in Mexico City

Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera painted a pickpocket into his giant mural in the 1930s. It was a problem then as it is today.

Just as in Times Square, on Michigan Avenue, and at Fisherman’s Wharf, there are pickpockets in the crowded areas of Mexico City…and it is good to take precautions. Now I can give you a firsthand account.

I got on the Mexico City Metro the other day during a moderately crowded time. I had put my billfold in my front pocket just in case someone tried to nab it. As I grabbed ahold with the train leaving the station, I felt a little movement–like a tickleĀ –in that front pocket. I instinctively pushed the person next to me away with my forearm and shouted “NO!”.

A little scruffy faced man held up my billfold, I grabbed it and he bolted from the train–in moments. Thank God!

So take precautions in any crowded city area in any country:

  • Keep valuables in a zip pocket or safe handbag
  • Watch your luggage at the airport
  • Travel in groups and be alert when things get crowded

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