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Palenque and Chiapas

Villahermosa Tabasco

Just arrived in this drab oil town north of Chiapas on my way to Tianguis Touristico in Cancun. We have been rambling around Chiapas for 10 days starting from Mexico City. Took in Trotskys home in south Mexico City. Then a wonderful culinary experience at Pujol- raked as the 17th top restaurant in the world–more later on that.

I have come to Villahermaosa with a small group because there is a good and convenient airport here for our Authentic Mexico Travel guests to make their way back to the USA by United (direct to Houston) or a host of airlines to Mexico City.


Easily one of the highlights in this grand trip through Chiapa de Corzo, San Cristobal, Agua Azul, and the Lacondan jungle was the UNESCO site at Palenque. Vast and full of unearthed treasures this site was a feast of Mayan history. It was a mild day for us thankfully and we took it all in–even the museum which is packed with small delicate pieces taken from the site over the years.

Palenque ruins

On the back side of Plaenque at some temples barley uncovered.

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