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The enchanting state of Oaxaca is rich with so much to experience that it is a challenge to offer tours there without having them last at least 8-10 weeks. There is food- delicious and varied. There are artisans- rugs, textiles, pottery and more abound in the valleys around Oaxaca city. There is mescal- the best on the planet. There are ruins and history at every turn. And don’t forget the chocolate. And there is the hospitable ambiance so common in the interior of Mexico.

Our trips there feature Oaxaca City and the valleys that surround as well as the Oaxaca coast. These can be two separate trips or one longer trip…and yes we do the premier Day of the Dead trip to Oaxaca.

As in all of our small group trips, we always use all local guides and the itineraries have flexibility.

And of course as with all of our trips, travelers love them!

Check out info on the two areas on the following pages and call Dave at 217.369.9897 or davehensleigh@gmail.com for current info.


The streets of Oaxaca City are quiet, safe, historic–a perfect evening stroll.