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Monarch Trips in 2016

All summer we have been growing Monarch Butterfly larvae and releasing the adults. Perhaps we just saw our last adult a few days ago on a warm fall day here.

They are now making their way south to Mexico and  Michoacán states and soon the viewing season will be on.

Monarch Larvae

Even along Wacker Drive in Chicago we saw monarch larvae this summer–way to go Chicago Park District for planting milkweed along the streets in planters!

We have trips going to see the monarchs starting in late January. This is prime time for experiencing the roosting areas. It is possible to go earlier, but they really are best seen as the season goes on. Once you get to the second week of March they are thinning in numbers.

2016 Monarch Trips:
We can do monarch reserve trips on about any date from Dec. 1, 2015 through March 7, 2016. These are the trips we have scheduled:
  • Jan 24-27
  • Jan 27-29
  • Feb 20-23
  • Mar 1-3

Any of these trips can include visiting Mexico City or Puebla before or after–many options.

Monarchs in Mexico

The monarch preserves can be crowded on weekends, but are usually easy to access.

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