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Monarch Trip Info


Small group trips to the butterfly reserves west of Mexico City.

From the Mexico travel experts at AuthenticMexicoTravel.com

Monarch Mexico reserves

This one monarch butterfly did not survive–it was killed by a predator. But millions do make it and there nesting areas are amazing. Join us on a trip to see the amazing monarch reserves.


Here are some basics about the trip:

  • Fly in and out of Mexico City (MEX) and trip length is 4-10 days
  • Groups are 2-10 people and we customize EACH TRIP
  • Usually 3-5 days is adequate to visit the monarch areas
  • Other places can be visited including the art, history, and food wonders of Mexico City
  • Each traveler needs a passport
  • Viewing season is December through early March
  • Weather is cool to cold nights and warmish days with possibly some rain
  • Each group travels with an English speaking local guide who is an expert on the monarchs
  • Hotels and lodges are local and have private rooms with bath and hot water
  • Rigor level is moderate—hiking and elevation involved and horses available

Contact info:

Dave Hensleigh/ davehensleigh@gmail.com/ 217.369.9897