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2018 Monarch Butterfly Trips

We have several trips planned to the Monarch reserve areas. Dates are late January and early February–perhaps also in March.

In the past I have had guests go to see this monarch miracle on wings–and we used local contractors/guides.
For the past few years, we have hosted the trips ourselves — bringing more of the personal and special touches that make or Authentic Mexico trips so cool.
Our Monarch trips have options for you to experience one or two of the butterfly areas. Since the movement of the monarchs and weather can affect the populations a great deal, we will adjust to maximize your experience and contact with the roosting areas. What I am saying is that we will flex on the trip to be sure you are able to truly experience the monarchs.
You would fly in and out of Mexico City (MEX). You can stay after (or come early) if you like and I can link you to local guides to see art, ruins, food areas, etc as you like. Puebla and even Oaxaca are other add on options.
Here is a rough itin for our trips:
Day 1- arrive MEX . Then travel to Rancho Cayetano for the next two nights
Day 2- We have two areas to visit–Rosario and Sierra Chincua–one this afternoon and one tomorrow–also option for cooking class with Diana Kennedy
Day 3- One more visit to see the butterflies then we return to Mexico City late in the day
Day 4- fly home from MEX any time of day…or stay on as many days as you want.
Note: You will need to able to hike moderately strenuous terrain at high elevations and or ride a horse to make it to these reserve areas. Hotel are basic but very clean and all with private rooms and bathrooms. In room heat is rare, so bring warm clothing and sleeping attire.
Call or email soon to get details–we take any small group–even couples.
We should get registration and payment going ASAP–so let me now and I can get you the forms.
Call Dave at 217.369.9897 or email davehensleigh@gmail.com.
Monarch Mexico reserves

This one monarch butterfly did not survive–it was killed by a predator. But millions do make it and there nesting areas are amazing.