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Monarch Butterfly Numbers in Mexico

Monarch butterfy resserves inn Mexico

Monarch butterfly populations seem to be higher this year according to many sources.

We were in Cerro Pelon Monarch Reserve (see above picture) a few days ago and all the talk was that the numbers of Monarchs seems to be up this year. Now from the Monarch Watch site several news success are reporting the same.

CBS News reported yesterday that numbers were at about one billion in 1996 and hit a low of 35 million last year. This years numbers seem to have rebounded.

An AP article on Monarch populations sites that at the Piedra Herrada (one of the most pristine of Mexico nesting sites) the monarchs arrived late but are in good numbers comared to last year.

You can visit all of these areas this year. We have a trip to the monarch butterfly areas on February 11, then again on Feb 11, and perhaps another in early March. Each trip will have this basic itin:

Feb 11- arrive MEX as early day as possible–if not by 3p, plan to arrive the day before. Travel to Valle de Bravo (magic town)
Feb 12- View butterflies at Piedra Herrada and perhaps take in other local sites. Then travel to Macheros.
Feb 13- Hike up (or horse ride) to Cerro Pelon monarch reserve. Then travel to Angangueo for the next two nights
Feb 14- We have two areas to visit–Rosario and Sierra Chincua–one this afternoon and one tomorrow
Feb 15- One more visit to see the butterflies then we return to Mexico City late in the day
Feb 16- fly home from MEX any time of day…or stay on as many days as you want.
Note: You will need to able to hike strenuous terrain at high elevations and or ride a horse to make it to these reserve areas. Hotel are basic but very clean and all with private rooms and bathrooms. In room heat is rare, so bring warm clothing and sleeping attire.
This trip is priced with 7 meals included, hotel rooms, transport from the airport through the trip and back too the airport, guides. Does not include park entrance fees, horse fees, tips.
Price is $1,180.

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