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Monarch Butterflies Are Back!

Chip Taylor of Monarch Watch has been warning over the last few years that declining habitat and the elimination of milkweed by pesticides could endanger the future of monarchs. This year there has been a huge push in Mexico, the United Sates and Canada to restore habitat. Thousands of people have gotten involved planting milkweed an rearing eggs and arvae across North America.

Now there is evidence that perhaps monarch populations are on the rise.

Mexican and American officials announced at the Peidra Herrada reserve that populations may be up this year by as much as four times last year’s numbers. Mexican Environment Minister Rafael Pacchiano alongside US Interior Secretary Sally Jewell this last week said that the areas flooded by the monarch immigration could be way up from last year. The actual stats on the population will not be known until the immigration is complete but there is good reason for optimism.

Trips to the Mexico monarch reserve areas are best taken after Jan 1 and the prime season is Feb 5 – March 5.

Monarch Mexico reserves

This one monarch butterfly did not survive–it was killed by a predator. But millions do make it and there nesting areas are amazing. Join us on a trip to see the amazing monarch reserves.


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