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How I Select Guides

WE ARE VERY SELECTIVE with our hosts for your Authentic Mexico trips. They are always local, they know their stuff, and we train them to listen to you and then adjust to your interests.

There are three critical qualities that I look for in guides:

1. CHARACTER- Are they honest, real, and a giver? No one wants to travel with a jerk. I look for the good ones.

2. COMPETENCE- Do they really know everything about the destination? The people who you will travel with are smart, aware, and they know people in the local areas. Most importantly they always have a plan B and they go into action when interruptions come along.

3. CHEMISTRY- Do I like them and will my guests enjoy travelling with them? I demand that my team be interesting, easy going and fun to be with. I travel with them often and if I am bored, they are gone.

SO RELAX AND ENJOY YOUR TRIP–our team is fluent in both English and Spanish, they will solve any problems that come up, and they will enjoy the trip as much as you.

Baja wne country guide

Jonatan is one of our Guadalupe Valley wine country guides–fun to be with, articulate, and he grew up there!