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Mexico Travel Notes

Mexico Travel Notes:

Many areas we travel in Mexico are not developed resort areas and do not have all the amenities that many US or Mexican destinations offer. The delight of this is that you get a vivid taste of “Old Mexico”. On the other hand, the place is different from the USA and there are cautions. The following notes will help you prepare for your experience.

1. Water is generally good, but it is best to stick to bottled water. This is available everywhere- often in your room. Our guides often have water when you arrive.


2. Food is always hearty and tasty. Some folks have tender stomachs…so”follow your gut”. Use caution with fresh vegetables that are uncooked and ask your guide if you wonder about eating certain foods.


3. Noise can be an issue at night. Roosters, dogs, trains, local festivities with parades and fireworks, thin hotel room walls, etc. can make for a restless night. Bring earplugs if you want- and get ready to enjoy the lively culture of these little towns.


4. Electricity is the same as US current but can be limited, low voltage, and off at times. One place we sometimes stay is solar, so it has no 110 service.


5. Money can usually be obtained at ATMs in larger cities. But sometimes we don’t visit these places and sometimes the ATMs don’t work. Bring what you need in pesos (see our sheet on money). For those flying through Mexico City, there are good exchange booths at MEX. Also, use reasonable caution when using and leaving ATMs.

We now have the option for you to order “peso packs”. You include $100 (or multiples) with your payment and your guide will have an envelope for you with $100 of pesos when you arrive.


6. Under no circumstances should you bring any illegal drugs or firearms, stay out late at night in bars, or travel alone or to risky areas of the larger cities. Watch pickpockets in crowded areas–especially in Mexico City. As in larger US cities, pickpockets are common on the crowded streets and subway of Mexico City.


7. Prescriptions are now needed (as of August, 2010) for prescription drugs at pharmacies in Mexico. So getting prescription drugs with no script is a thing of the past in Mexico.


8. Safety in Mexico is an issue we have addressed elsewhere (yes Mexico is generally safe), but of course we cannot guarantee your safety. Use reasonable caution as you would in any destination. Don’t go out late, travel in pairs, and avoid risky areas. Protect your money, valuables, and passport. It is advised for you to read the State Department warnings for Mexico.


9. Weather can change quickly and can be extreme in any season. Snow, hail, heavy rain, high winds, lightning, extreme dust storms, hurricanes and other severe weather can occur and may interrupt our trip and change the schedule.


10. Altitude ranges to 9000 ft and above in some areas and can be a limiting issue for those with any sort of cardiovascular or breathing issues. If you have any problems with altitude, your trip may be interrupted. There is usually some amount of walking, climbing steps, etc and this combined with altitude can be a problem if you are in very poor physical condition. It is recommended that you walk briskly for at least 30 minutes daily for 30 days before your trip.


11. Water systems in small towns are sometimes not reliable, especially in drier seasons. There may be certain days when showers and hot water are not available even in cities.


12. Mexican time runs as it wants to and that is simply part of life there. We will do our best to keep things rolling promptly.


13. Travel insurance including medical and evacuation coverage is strongly encouraged. <<click here>>  for Berkshire Hathaway coverage that we recommend.


With all of these issues, we have done our best to select itineraries and places that will serve you well. We always try to have a “plan B” ready. However, any and all of the above issues may occur and change, interrupt, and alter your trip and we will have to adjust as best we can. Be ready to flex, smile, go with the moment…and enjoy this delightful and majestic place.