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Guest Comments

“I JUST WANTED TO THANK YOU for an amazing experience.  The itinerary you put together worked perfectly and the quality of everything was exactly right for each place we visited.

IT IS RARE that things in this day and age live up to the hype but I have to say that time after time we were left speechless as the experience of the reality exceeded the hype …. the train journey to El Fuerte and back –Wow !  IT WAS FANTASTIC the way our guide always told us when to be at the open window and which side to get the best views…. and what views!!!

AT NO TIME in our 2 weeks did we ever feel at all at risk and it is obvious that as long as you are sensible, Mexico offers no more risk to travellers than most other countries in the world.

ALL OF YOUR GUIDES were so knowledgeable and helpful– we cannot praise them enough.

Scenery….. Ancient ruins …… the people ….. the food ….. Magic Towns …. WOW, WOW, WOW!”
Charles and Angela Coker


IF you don’t want to do the normal tourist stuff on your trip to Mexico, then go with Dave. I’ve been 5 times and have so many wonderful, unique memories from each trip. His guides are absolutely the best and you will quickly feel like they are family!

Sheryl Williams on Facebook


I’ve been on many of Dave’s trips with his local guides and I’ve never felt at risk or unsafe. I love Mexico and everyplace I’ve been, the people have been so friendly and nice. I’m hoping Dave adds more locations so I can keep exploring new locations.

Angie Blake


Your planning and guides were perfect/everything better than I could ever imagine. Being in Copper Canyon with Gustavo was brilliant. He is very knowledgeable,

Bright and helpful. He turned me over to Noel for the train ride which was fun also but the great ride to Urique and staying at the farm in that incredible casita and meeting the Tarahumara people Was beyond my dreams.

Then the boat! What a great adventure I had. I was snorkeling with sea lions and finally a juvenile whale shark … What a trip!

I will recommend you highly. Every detail was immaculate. As you know I am considered elderly (not by me) and took a chance traveling to such a remote area alone, I felt completely safe and happy throughout. Thank you ,Dave, to you and your wonderful team. I have great memories to last a lifetime. 😘



We had such a great time in the Copper Canyon. Thank you for making our travels so easy. We loved our Travel Guide, he was knowledgeable and flexible and knew the best ways to see the Copper Canyon.

We especially appreciated his consideration and help with physical limitations. Noel make sure everyone was comfortable and didn’t ever make us feel like a burden. I also appreciated the fact that he was willing to go the extra mile, he took one individual on a hike and didn’t seem to mind.

We felt like our trip to the Copper Canyon was really enhanced by having a tour guide. The beautiful view was easy, but all the extra information really made our trip great. Thanks again, and tell Noel thanks.

Beth Cole
(Comments like this are typical from our travelers and we receive them all the time.)