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What Exactly Is Fair Travel?

Fair Travel in Mexico: a new initiative from Dave and the team at Authentic Mexico Travel.

Often people who provide the basics for your travel experience in Mexico are paid very little. This is almost always true in resort areas in Mexico. But it is also sometimes true in interior areas and small towns.

To be sure, the investors who have created the hotels, transport options, eateries, etc. have obviously risked their cash to build what has been built. Beyond this the capitalists (and politicians) who have put together travel options in Mexico have done a pretty good job. All of our groups benefit from this.

Yet it is obvious that the profits from these operations are not shared fairly with the people who make the beds, serve the food, drive the transports, carry the bags etc. The “resort model” benefits a few (some of them from others countries) and leaves the locals with little.

Simply put, most of these courteous, serving people make $5-10 per day at best. Yet the cost of construction, the cost of operation, the taxes paid are relatively modest in Mexico (certainly lower than in the USA). And often the price point we pay there is about the same as in the USA.

This is wrong and this company, AMT (Authentic Mexico Travel) is going to operate in such a way that we encourage more fair pay for local workers. Beyond this we will help our guests be a part of this “fair travel” initiative.

The greatest teacher ever said “a laborer is worthy of his wages” and “do not withhold good when it is in your power to do so”. He also lived and taught a servant model in which he insisted that love was not simply an emotion but a personal action.

I follow this teacher and endeavor to put into practice what he taught.

So we encourage initiatives aimed at creating a fair approach to travel in the communities we serve.

Fair travel practicals:

  • We try as much as possible to use hotel, transport, and food vendors who pay fairly
  • We pay our guides well
  • We encourage our guests to tip generously when gracious local people serve our groups
  • We will endeavor to be a supportive part of any legal initiatives or political moves to require better financial support for local tourism workers
Fair travel in Mexico

We pay our guides well in Mexico–and we encourage our guests to be a part of supporting all of the gracious local people who make our trips the best.