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Websites, books, and all kinds of info are available out there for the curious Mexico traveler. I will list ones that I think are genuine, interesting and worth your time as you browse through my websites.

I will not sell any space on these pages. I will not list my own sites (the best of course) except below on this page. And I will not try to crowd the lists but will keep to quality and current resources.

Here are my sites:

First of all this site–featuring all of our excursions to the less trodden places of Mexico.

Authentic Copper Canyon– lots of info on the canyons and Chihuahua plus current info on our trips

CopperCanyon.org – our secondary site and also the new site for our soon to launch nfp “Friends of Copper Canyon”.

The Blue Corn Express– Our culinary trip to Copper Canyon and now to other foodie destinations across Mexico

Authentic Adventure – home base for our adventure trips including the “Copper Canyon Running Tour” trip with the barefoot Tarahumara runners of “Born To Run”. We now do running trips all over Mexico.

Top Books on Mexico:

-The Lonely Planet books are current and excellent

David Lida has current bestsellers and his site is informative–especially on Mexico City