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Mexico is Safe

safety in Mexico

My card says it right up front…Mexico is safe.

People often ask me about the security situation in Mexico. Of course we are talking about a huge country which varies a great deal in this respect. The other day as I was processing through customs, I actually got asked (not in a hostile way) this question from a customs agent.

In this and other situations I answer about the same:

  • my experience says it is safe
  • the experience of our guests on Mexico tours says it is safe
  • the local people say it is safe
  • our guides say it is safe when I do our periodic safety audit

Of course there are issues in Mexico and there is crime. And sometimes tourist get into trouble in Mexico.

Yet every indication we have is that in most situations, you are safer in Mexico than you are here in the United States. And you are certainly safer there than in many locations where tourists are used to traveling around the world.

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