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Food Trucks in NYC and Mexico City

David Lida wrote this cool blog about a guy who skipped college to start a chef career and NYC food truck–and he writes about Mexico City life as well.

So I am just back from Mexico City and other points here and about in Mexico. And I have some new friends, some work to do on new itineraries to Chiapas, Oaxaca, and themed trips to Mexico City. And I have a fresh disgust for Cancun–no more now on this as I have resolved not to be critical of Mexico beach development or the Mexico Tourism Board for at least a few weeks.

And I have a new blog I really LIKE.

David Lida lives “mostly in Mexico City” now and writes on the people, places, culture, etc of this wonderful city. My new friend Carole Reedy put me onto him. Anyone who describes the sprawling city as the “nowhere else on earth where I have felt more at home” gets it with Mexico. And I like his straight potent style. He is a no-college guy which is a for sure indication on his core smarts (I am married to a female one of them), and besides all of this he likes food trucks. My kind of guy.

So read the blog, get the books (First Stop in the New World: Mexico City), and if you have not been to Mexico City within a year, head to the airport ASAP with First Stop in your hand.

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