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Merida Tours

Several weeks ago, one of our guides from Chiapas was in Merida for a travel meeting. He called me from there and went onn and on about the place and urged me to consider Merida as a new location for our Authentic Mexico Travel trips.

So I spent a week there–just back–and we are ready to do a pilot trip there is a few weeks. Looks like the date will be February 6-13.

Genera plan is to spend 3-4 days in the Gran Plaza area and 3-4 days in the Paseo Mantejo neighborhood. There will be plenty of time for journeys into the area from either location.

Here are some of the options:

  • Food–great eateries for local food, seafood, Italian, Lebanese and other delicious options
  • Cooking classes
  • Markets big and small
  • History and architecture
  • Ruins–several major sites within 1.5 hours
  • Cenotes and the flamingo areas
  • A day at the beach 30 minutes to the north
  • Haciendas both in town and dotted around the area closeby

Merida seems to be one of the richest, safest, cleanest and most welcoming places and I look forward to introducing many of our AMT fans to this place and it’s people.

Merida restaurants

Seafood in Merida is off the charts–this is shrimp at Pigua which came from shrimp beds in nearby Campeche.

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