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Late February and March Trips to Monarchs

Monarch trip to Mexico

We were just at the Monarch reserve of Rosario in Mexico–it was a bit cold.

I have just been in the monarch areas near Mexico City and they are back in great numbers- at leats up from last year it seems. Locals think they may be 25% higher in area covered compared to last year. The way they measure the populations is to calculate the area that the trees cover that are filled with the roosting butterflies.

Our first visit was to Rosario Monarch Reserve and the morning was cloudy and a bit cold. Here are some pointers about visiting Rasario in Michoacán:

  • The area is not dangerous so relax
  • It can be cold–so visit in late February into early March
  • Best area hotels are in Angangueo–we prefer Don Bruno
  • There is another reserve closeby that is quite nice- Sierra Chincua–perhaps cleaner and quieter

Actually we went to Sierra Chincua later that day last week, the sun popped out and the monarch flew everywhere–a miracle.

So…I would recommend going in the next few weeks–perhaps even as late as March 10.

Monarch trips

We even found a tagged monarch at Rosario reserve in Mexico last week!


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