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Every Day With Rachel Ray

Our Blue Corn Express culinary trip to Mexico got a bit of press lately as we were featured in a article in Every Day With Rachel Ray. The article featured several train based food trip and experiences and ours was included. It is a cool article and I think it was included in the October issue that was on the super market checkout shelf–I was in Mexico right at that time and missed getting a copy so forward it to me if you can.

So thank you EWDRR- though I find your site so monetized and filled with bogus revenue based links and cluttered with ads, videos and popups that it is almost unbearable and actually trustable- still thank you so much. And if the reader is interested an actual link to out culinary trip- the first and only culinary trip to Copper Canyon– there you go!

Like The Blue Corn Express, all of our journeys to Mexico will include local foods at out of the way places- like in the photos below:


Chocolate production in little local shops in Oaxaca- the aroma of this place!


Little eateries like this one- the owner is part of a microfinance coop- we told her to NOT lose the dirt floor and chickens outside.


Local moles of all colors–including yellow (amarillo).


Street vendors can be a great source of real food- in this case fresh fruit and cukes (pepinos) in Veracruz.



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