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Day of the Dead just 5 days away

Day of the Dead in Puebla City

An arty and funny altar or offering (ofrenda) is being set up in the Carolino building, home of the BUAP university, in the city of Puebla.

We have a group headed for Oaxaca for Day of the Dead. They have been in Puebla City for two days and are going to Oaxaca City today. Here are some images I just got from them.

Calacas at Dia de Muertes

Among the skeletons (calacas) of that offering we found Aztec emperor Moctezuma, Led Zeppelin and Marilyn Monroe …

Calaveras used as Day of the Dead offerings

Sweet skulls (calaveras) are a part of the Day of the Dead offerings since at least the 19th century.

Puebla city for Day of the Dead

Many very elaborate thematic offerings were shown in the Palace of Justice in the city of Puebla.

Day of the Dead in Mexico

In the countryside, in a small town called Huaquechula, we admired such altars or offerings, put up in the homes of the people, not less elaborate, but more traditional and more serious, as they are dedicated to real dead, members of the family that have died less than a year ago.

Dia de Muertes in Huaquechula, Puebla, Mexico

All visitors of those offerings in the homes in Huaquechula are invited to eat; so were we: mole with a piece of meat, rice and tortillas.

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