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Copper Canyon

All Aboard for Copper Canyon Train Tours!

We offer the best in train trips to the majestic Copper Canyon.

4-12 days and any size group…2-30 people.

Every trip is designed just for you…to fit your interests, budget and schedule.

Copper Canyon Tour

Copper canyon stretches through the heart of Northern Mexico and includes the famous Copper Canyon train, Tarahumara Indians, Norteno food, and all of the local hospitality that old Mexico is known for…and our guides are all local. Add Baja at the end for a perfect trip!

 Groups are kept small and scheduled trips go about monthly. We can custom build a trip for your group of 2 or more. Our specialty is flexibility to fit with your interests and schedule.

  • Authentic Mexico Travel train trips explore the magnificent Copper Canyon of Chihuahua, Mexico.
  • Each excursion is filled with incredible scenery of the canyons and immerses your small group in the enchanting Sierra Madre vibe.
  • The hotels and food are quality (safe, clean, etc) and they will always be authentic.
  • Our guides are local and bilingual–they are the best–and they work hard to give you a deeply enriching experience.
  • Includes Raramuri (Tarahumara) culture, colonial architecture, history, the cuisine of northern Mexico, lots of tremendous photo spots, and a great dose of the romance of the mighty CHEPE train rolling through Copper Canyon. This train trip takes you through 86 tunnels and over 37 bridges
  • Options include bird watching, ziplines and gondola, petroglyphs, culinary experiences, incredible photography, hiking, running with the barefoot running Raramuri of “Born to Run” fame, horseback riding, and of course relaxing with a drink high above the canyons. 
  • You can add a few days in Baja on the Sea of Cortez by boat or at a remote coastline lodge.

For more info contact Dave Hensleigh at davehensleigh@gmail.com or call 217.369.9897 or SKYPE dave.hensleigh.

More details at http://authenticcoppercanyon.com

Chihuahua and the amazing Copper Canyon was our first destination and we are the leading providers for small groups there on the infamous Copper Canyon train.

Chihuahua and the amazing Copper Canyon is our most popular destination and we are the leading providers for small groups there on the infamous Copper Canyon train.

Usually our groups arrive at Chihuahua City (CUU airport) and leave the canyons back through CUU, or fly from Los Mochis (LMM), or finish in Baja. For the Baja option we can include the Sea of Cortez, remote lodges along the coast, and you leave the country through Baja at the Cabo (SJD) airport.

Every trip is unique for us and we will design it to fit with you…even for two people.

Note from Dave Hensleigh, owner of Authentic Mexico Travel–

“I have traveled extensively through the Copper Canyon area and along the Copper Canyon train line over the past 11 years. I know the place inside out. I love it–my favorite of our interior Mexico destinations. My guide team there are the best of local guides and they work to make every moment of your journey a great travel experience. Call me or email and I can help put together a trip that fits with your schedule, interests, and budget.”

217.369.9897/ davehensleigh@gmail.com