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Cancun? Not with us.

I am here in Cancun and Riviera Maya at Tianguis Touristico–the largest travel industry show in Mexico. This is the last day of the show and itĀ has been a good time connecting with some suppliers, solving some problems and planning new Authentic Mexico Travel trips–like art and history and food trips to Mexico City.

The setting here in Cancun has been a confirmation that what we are doing at AMT is needed. AndIMG_9243 my experiences here with the hotels, transport options, and infrastructure has worked to convince me even more of the value and quality of what we are doing.

No. I am not a fan of Cancun.

Beyond this I find this place to be so far from the Mexico our guests experience in Chihuahua. Puebla, Oaxaca, etc as to be on a different planet. Many love it here–and I think it is well set for the all-inclusive beach crowd.

Here are a few of my observations about Cancun:

  • Big money rather than local communities and people are the driving force here. The resorts are money machines.
  • Locals are generally making $6 USD or less per day and this appears to be very profitable business
  • The environmental and social impact of these developmentsĀ is staggering
  • The contrast between the interaction you have with the people here (the greatest treasure in Mexico) and what our guests experience on the streets and plazas of interior Mexico is vast.

So go online to book your beach vacation and enjoy.

And if you want experience the wonder of Mexico, give us a call.

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