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All Cases–All People are Special

At the risk of sounding like the church lady, I will say that with Authentic Mexico Travel every person is special.

But I and we (my Mexican guide team) mean that and all that we put into sculpting our trips to the less traveled places of Mexico is focused on making it truly special for you.


Seth Godin wrote a few days ago (All cases are special cases) that every situation is unique. And that the challenge in scaling business is that you must stay flexible.

I have no intention of scaling your travel experience. My team and I will keep groups small, relax the itinerary, and flex to fit with your interests and things that pop up.


It is your time, your memory, your growth, your precious “right here right now”. So you don’t need to have your travel time be a redux of the second grade stand in line and be quiet thing.


When I walk the streets of where you will walk on your trip, I experience it. I dream of many who will get immersed in that corner market, lovely park, plaza sunshine.

Mexico travel has so much that can unstuck you, directionalize you, connect you deeply.

The place is perfect for USA people because of our deep historic, cultural, and personal relationship with Mexico.

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One of those moments on a recent Authentic Mexico Travel trip

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