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2017 Monarch Trips

Butterfly trips to Mexico

You can get up close and personal with 1000s of monarchs in Mexico.

The monarch butterflies are migrating up across the USA right now and we are planning our trips to the monarch preserves in Mexico now.

Prime time is Feb 10- March 5 and we will plan for 3-5 trips during that time.

Here are the basics you need to know:

  • Our trips are based out of Mexico City
  • We take any size group
  • Other locations can be included

More info on Monarch butterfly trips is on this site.

Call Dave today to get info.

3 Responses so far.

  1. Steven Handel says:

    We are interested in a Monarch tour, around Jan. 13-19. Must be back in the states Jan. 19. dates could vary a bit. We are 4 people, experienced nature tourists, skilled birders. Would you be able to do a tour then. Please send some info.

  2. Mary Beth McCormack says:

    My husband (John) and I are interested in your monarch butterfly trips for 2017. I have been raising and tagging monarchs for 20+ years, so we would like to visit their sanctuaries. We would be interested in tours in February for approximately 4-5 days (in addition to the days for arrival/departure.)

    Please advise as to the the approximate price, along with other information we should consider, for these tours, I have already researched air fares. Our airline of choice would be Southwest flying out of Midway.

    Thank you for your assistance with this. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Mary Beth McCormack
    Mequon, WI

    • Mary Beth McCormack says:

      Followup: Excuse my use of the word “tour”. I am aware that you don’t do group tours, but rather assist in planning the excursion to see the monarchs.
      Thank you.

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